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As children for many of us there were periods in
our lives where we were bordum was just a part of our regular lives. It was often the little things in our lives that engaged us and kept our minds occupied so we stayed out of mischief and kept our mothers and fathers in a happy state. Before television all we really had were our toys and friends. For myself I can remember that a big toy durring my time growing up was the flip book. The flipbook is considered by many as an obsolete product but I myself believe that the flip book is coming back and I believe that the flip book is coming back in full effect. There are a few companies that still manufacture flipbooks most of which are for company marketing and promotional campaigns. Although there are quite a few companies that involved in the development of flipbook products there's really only one that I can think of that really does a great job an excels as a leader in my opinion in the manufacturing of such flipbook products. The company I'm speaking of is called Proflix. From what I've read about them and see online it would appear as though they've been in business for a number of years. They however unlike some of their competition not only focus their efforts on the marketing and promotions side of doing up flipbooks but rather they also cater to doing flip book products that are geared towards the retail market. As a football fan myself I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the retail line that Proflix has decided to pursue is aimed at the UK football market. Developing a product that encompasses teams such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea they've released a series of their flip book products that are available all throughout the UK right now. It's pretty impressive from what I've seen and played with the product so far. They've done 10 different Proflix products for each of the four teams that I just mentioned.

YouTube Video Example of Proflix Flip Book Product Found Below

Flip Book Marketing & Promotional Products
Flip Books Make Great Marketing and Promotional Items

Flip books make great marketing and promotional items and tools to deliver either a corporate message, a trailer for a movie or anything else you can think of that you can take from a video clip. As a medium for translating video to print there's really no better option. Benefits of using flipbooks in a marketing campaign include some of the following that I can think of:

  • They're far more viral then other typical promotional items that you'll find.
  • As a keepsake people definitely would be more likely to keep a flip book over other common promotional items.
  • Over other marketing products they can deliver a longer message.
  • They're unique and different the the bulk of other marketing and promotional items.
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